Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jewelry Prices

Ok I think I've figured out prices for my jewelry stuff. I'm basing the prices on material and the time it took me to make them. I'm going to be asking $15 per necklace, $8 for a bracelet and $4 for the little fruit charms (I can add a black cord with clasp to these or a silver chain with clasp for $1 extra). Earrings are $5 a pair.

Each piece is custom, I try to match things up the best I can with the pictures. If you don't like the clasp on a certain picture just make sure to specify which kind you like. Also, if you see something on here, but would like it in a different color please let me know. I can take pictures of different color options and let you choose. I have a great store that I get most all my beads from and she is really good about custom ordering me things I need....I love her shop!

For most items I can ship them wihtin 48 hours of reciving payment. If you are requesting a different color than what I have showing it may take a little longer, I will discuss at time of order. At this time I am only accepting payment via Paypal or a cashiers check. Paypal accounts are very easy to start, but take a couple days for them to verify your bank account information. You also will need to add $3 for shipping (covers the cost of packaging and postage), and add $1 for each additional item.

If you think these prices are to high please feel free to email me and we can discuss it. I think though if you look at other sites that offer handmade jewelry you will find this is a good bargin. Most necklaces on (site for all things handmade) go for $20 or more. Please let me know what you think.

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