Saturday, January 17, 2009

My not so interesting Saturday.

So after days and days of sick kids we were just over 24 hours of no vomiting and then our oldest started throwing up, but was done with the vomiting before I got home. I got lucky I guess, hubby had to take care of that one today. I had left the house already, had a day away planned after dealing with sick kids for 3 days I needed a day off. I went to the bead store today which was a ton of fun. Me and a couple of my girlfriends sat at the store with all our stuff and just hung out and made jewelry. I didn't make much, mainly talked to the owner about some ideas and how to do what I wanted to do and such. So we hung out there, then headed to Goodwill. Not looking for anything particular, sometimes find some used necklaces that I can take apart and use beads for something else. I came home a little after lunch and have just hung around the house all day, not much going on. Its been nice having a semi relaxing day, I don't get those often. Tomorrow is going to be much of the same, hanging around the house. With having sick kids all day I'm going to keep them quarantined for a couple more days till they go back to school on Tuesday, which means I'm going to miss church, but would rather miss than contaminate everyone. I'm probably going to work on my beading stuff tonight once they go to bed since my hubby has homework to do, so check back for new pics :)

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